Terri Fields

​​REVIEWS: THE MOST DANGEROUS "With animals a perennial favorite and a cover featuring the gaping mouths of a shark, snake, and crocodile, this contest is likely to lure the most reluctant readers."  School Library Journal, July 2012 "Savvy to her audience, Ms. Fields masters the craft of description by devoting a mere sentence or two per creature that enables her young audience to instantly engage...She is concise in describing characteristics that are individual and unique to the animals she depicts and notes traits specific to each animal. Before moving on to the next, she explains why it is considered to be fearful. In essence, she makes it easy for her reader to process the ‘danger.’"    http://www.featheredquill.com/reviews/childrens/fields2.shtml Arboradale available in English hardcover, paperback and ebook and in Spanish hardcover   ISBN-13: 978-1607185352   FINALIST ARIZONA-NEW MEXICO BOOK AWARDS 2013 


REVIEWS: BURRO'S TORTILLAS "This picture book offers a different cultural version to the farmyard classic about fairness, work ethic, and personal achievement." the reading tub.com "Cross The Little Red Hen with a burro and his friends and you get a humorous Southwestern retelling of a childhood favorite, Burro finds it hard to get any help from his friends as he diligently works to turn corn into tortillas. Young children will love the repetition; older children will enjoy the book's many puns. In addition to its Southwestern "flavor," the delightful story imparts an accurate picture of the traditional way that tortillas are made." http://www.yabookscentral.com/kidsfiction/5206-Burros-Tortillas  Arbordale available in English hardcover, paperback and ebook and Spanish hardcover  ISBN1934359181 NAMED A SOUTHWEST BOOK OF THE YEAR    click to purchase