Terri Fields

Missing in the  Mountains-Eleven-year-old Jarod is only supposed to have to help his little sister learn to ski for one afternoon, but a bully and a wrong turn lead Jarod and his sister into a life-or-death situation.  Can they survive the bitter cold?  (Rising Moon Books/Northland) Children's Literature says, "This decent "kids-in-peril" thriller should appeal both to boys and girls."  It was nominated for the Indiana Young Hoosier Reader Award.  ISBN-10: 0873589505  click to purchase

Danger in the Desert  has been called thrilling but realistic novel of two boys' quest for survival in the brutal Arizona sun. (Rising Moon Books/NBN)  School Library Journal says, "This exciting adventure has a skillful integration of accurate survival tactics."  Danger in the Desert has been  winner of the ONEBOOKAZ for children, a favorite for Battle of the Books and won the Minnesota Young Reader Award and Georgia Children's Choice Award among others.  ISBN-10: 0873586646  click to purchase