Terri Fields

After the Death of Anna Gonzales-  Anna Gonzales is dead.  Suicide.  Those left behind live to tell what is still to come.  Brutally honest and powerfully affecting, this richly textured and moving testimony reveals pain and hope. (Henry Holt)  From Kliatt Reviews"Fields creates a realistic and sensitive portrayal of a school community rocked by a tragedy that has become an all too-common event." Awards: NCSS-CBC Notable Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies; Texas TAYSHAS High School Reading List among others.  us.macmillan.com/Author/terrifields 

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Holdup-It was just another ordinary Saturday night for the teens working at Burger Heaven until everything changed in an instant. Suddenly, there were guns drawn, a quick exit denied, and threats made. And when the evening ended, neither the robbers’ nor the hostages’ lives would ever be the same. Holdup is a novel in four parts. Parts One and Two explore each person’s life before they are all thrown together in this most unexpected and frightening evening. Part Three allows the reader to live through the experience of the robbery itself, and Part Four reveals the unexpected and surprising effects of that night’s chance encounter one year later . (Roaring Brook)   Awards:  Richie's Pick, ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, Nominee Pennsylvania Young Readers Award 

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My Father's Son- If the father you've idolized all your life as being smart and kind has just been arrested for a series of vicious serial killings, what happens to everything else you've ever believed in?  What do you really know about anything, and how can you trust anyone--even yourself. (Roaring Brook) According to Children's Literature, "This fast-charging novel grabs the reader from the first scene and plunges into a series of mind-boggling events." American Library Association 2009 Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers. us.macmillan.com/Author/terrifields 

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